Legal Protection

Roberto Naldi Collections relevant mergers and acquisitions – Luxury Hotels.

Commercial and distribution contracts in the luxury sector, with particular reference to furnishing (Fendi supplies, Baxter, Ligne Roset, Trussardi living).

Teamed with the customers to design national and international brands, adapting them to the needs and cultures of the different markets.

Obtaining of Elective Residences for demanding Customers.

Artificial Intelligence.

Energy – Trading on the Electricity stock exchange market in Italy and Poland monitoring daily trends, optimizing procurement costs and energy sales and maximizing profits.

Financial Markets – Managing, wealth, savings and investments through a modern calculation methodology based on AI acting as a unique and innovative Family and Multi-family Office.

Transparency and security

Transparent, because based on blockchain, smart contracts and distribute ledgers, and every transaction is near-real-time trackable, knowing its address, and includes an implicit indelible time stamp.

Secure, because first class cryptography algorithms are adopted and it guaranteeing privacy and security from data breaches.

Win-Win, because the more our customers earn, the more we earn.

Main sectors

Food and beverage import/export

Luxury goods import/export

Real Estate

Intellectual Property

International/commercial contracts

Elective Permit of Stay

Legal Protection